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Receive, manage and transfer funds globally. Aggregate accounts. Global compliance and tax reporting.


Whatever your business model, take advantage of the XTRM platform to make, manage and receive global payments to and from any company or person anywhere in the world. You no longer need to deal with payment delays, high fees, and lack of transparency on fees and exchange rates. Aggregate your partners and customers and take control of the flow of money while benefiting from global compliance and highly secure transactions.

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Aggregate Customers and Partners

Aggregate Customers and Partners

Design and track the flow of funds between you or your connected companies or partners and take advantage of the visibility and instant nature of payments. Create customer or partner connected accounts and any number of multi-currency wallets. Create and track instant wallet transfer workflows with ease.


Use XTRM AnySourceTM to accept individual and mass payment or receivables from any source including bank EFT, bank debit, online invoicing, card processing. With XTRM AnySourceTM it’s easy to fund your or your partners’ and customers’ multi-currency wallets. And no merchant accounts are needed.

Manage & Receive Payments

Manage funds on the platform through instant wallet-to-wallet exchanges, providing visibility and transparency for you and your connected account holders. You can map any inbound and outbound money flows using our intelligent wallet architecture. Your partners and customers can also take advantage of significantly lower currency exchange rates by handling it on the platform before transferring to external accounts.

Send Secure Payments

Make final disbursements directly to a variety of payments methods such as Bank EFT, Bank Checks, Virtual Visa, or Digital Gift Cards using XTRM DirectTM or give the beneficiary person or company the choice using XTRM AnyPayTM. Check out our list of growing global send payment options HERE.

Just a few simple steps

1 - Create Account
Create Account

Create your company account with our fast compliance validation.

2 - Add Payees
Add Payees

Add Connected Accounts for your Partner and Customers*

3 - Fund Wallet
Fund Wallet

Fund Wallet from many sources including payment card processing, ACH, wire, etc.

4 - Make Payment
Make Payment

Make Payments via Wallet-to-Wallet exchanges or transfer using XTRM ChoiceTM or XTRM DirectTM .

*You can add payees or they can be added dynamically when transactions are processed. You don’t need to know customer information or bank account #s - just an email address.


Tax Overview

At XTRM, we manage the burden of complying with global tax reporting requirements as part of our service. We provide all the required online documentation for users to download and provide to their tax authority anywhere in the world including all transactions and payments. As a third party settlement organization (TPSO), you benefit from the simplicity of using an intermediary to protect you from complicated tax regulations that apply with direct payments.
Global Tax

Global Tax

Individuals from anywhere in the world can login to their personal account at anytime and download the relevant tax documents, such as 1099-K in the US, as well as the applicable payment transactions for any tax year. Withholding tax at source is typically not required as per tax rules when paid via a third party settlement organization. The recipients of payments are responsible to notify the IRS (or whichever tax authority based on where they live). This is the case all over the world wherever we process payments. In other words, when the recipient submits their taxes, they have to declare 'Other income' and withholding at source is not required. Recipients can use the data on their 1099-K (US) or the transaction breakdown posted in their account (other countries) to notify their tax organization of all applicable payments received.
Online Profiles

Online Profiles (W9 and W8-Ben Equivalent)

To assist all recipients of with correctly filing their taxes for all payments sent and received, we capture all the relevant data electronically. This includes electronic collection of equivalent W9 and for international, W8-BEN data as well as electronic posting of 1099-K's to recipients online account for download, plus electronic filing for those that meet the IRS thresholds. This is applicable to all recipients wherever they live.
Cross Border Payments

Cross Border Payments

US Regulations state that if the foreign individual is not a U.S. person and the services are wholly performed outside the U.S., then no form 1099 is required and no withholding is required. However, to assist all non-US account holders to easily report their taxes, regardless of their location in the world we provide them all with a 1099-K and the applicable payment transactions for any tax year. The data on this form can be used for filing taxes in their country. They can also download all of their account transactions for more details such as where payments came from and all amounts.